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My Experience in IT


A lot of students complete their graduation, engineering but one thing that hammers them all the time is a software JOB. They try in college placements. Some don’t even have that opportunity. Some try after their college, for two years, three years and get disappointed. But friends, I just want to tell you all that never ever lose hope, always try your best and stop not till you achieve it. And don’t think that people who have achieved good ranks and got placed in good colleges get jobs in software companies. It is the technical knowledge and communication skills that fetch a job.

Though software companies give more opportunities to students who have good percentage, but let me tell you friends, this is not that difficult. Companies want employees to work as a team where one may be good at subject; other may be in implementing it, some may have leadership skills. They do not want everyone to be master in every field.  That is the reason they don’t just select students who are toppers. They give opportunity to all those who have consistent performance which shows their dedication.

Friends, you just have to keep in mind that you get at least 60% in your academics. You need not get 80's or 90's and getting 60% is not really tough if you focus a little on your curriculum. And if you think that it’s tough, then pull up your socks, because this is the time when you have to buck up. And if you still could not get good percentage, still do not worry. There are companies which give opportunity to knowledge not percentage. So try and try but do not let situation take you for granted.

Today I would like to share my experience with you all, especially for those who have given up and are in a wrong conception that they cannot get a good job. I have completed my MCA in 2012 and I got placed in a good company through college placements and worked there for few months. Though I didn’t like the way our training was going on, the work that was assigned to us, still I hanged on there as I was aware of the recession out there. I thought it’s very difficult to get another job. But then as told to us earlier that our work location would be Hyderabad, we were told to shift to Bangalore as our company was about to open another branch over there. So I had to quit my job. Then I brushed up again my core subjects Java, Oracle etc., tried for one month but could not get a job.

I submitted my Resume in all the job portals that I came across but none of them really helped me. Later I came to know that Job portals are good for experienced people. So what personally I feel that don't waste your time in Job portals. They may call you and tell about the payments that you have to do to get a good job. But never fall prey to such fake promises. They make you pay heavy amounts but hardly show any job opportunities. This is what happened with me.

 One of the well-known job portals made me pay 2500 and promised me of a good job in Hyderabad. But post payment, they told me that the payment I made was for just Resume and I need to pay 2700 more for a job, which I didn’t do. I used to get calls from consultancies and fake software companies. I have attended a lot of such companies, almost 20-25 and got fed up with that. Then I decided not to go to such companies. As I was interested in testing field, I thought of doing a course from Ameerpet. Some Institute provide very good training for testing. You just have to pay 4500, and you get training for manual testing, automation testing, DB testing, and QTP tool. Not only that, we even get trained in a project for whatever we have learned over there.

Then in Jan 2014, almost after one and a half years, I got a mail from my friend about job opportunity in a good company. I thought of not going thinking it as fake. But because of my friend who pressurized me for attending the interview, I got placed in the same company. I really felt so happy after getting selected and I’m thankful to my friends who informed me about this job and who encouraged me to give a try. So guys, whenever you get information about the job opportunities from the people you know, do attend them. The chance of them being genuine would be high. To get a job, you should inform all your friends, their siblings who are already working in IT companies, your seniors, your lecturers, your placement officer, and your friends who are working in HR department. They can really help you through professional networks like LinkedIn.

Do not stop learning even though you are searching for a job. You may not know when an opportunity may knock your door and what future has in store for you. And for those who think only merit students get jobs without any difficulty, let me tell you then that I’m a gold medal-list twice. Everyone have difficulties in their lives but the one who faces it and tries to tackle it will survive in this world. So PLZ don’t give up and give your best

Thank you, FRIENDS.



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Resumes Online

Hello friends i am planning to post your resume online. So that recruiter may contact you directly when ever your profile suits there requirement and even you come to what are different types of resume.

Not only the reason i didn't found any proper platform to get good resume for freshers or experience. So i have decided to built a plat form to make it success  i need all your help and we all together make success. Thanks for reading.

If interested please send resume in format of [qualification, experience].....

Please send your resumes to fresherslike [at] gmail.com

Definitely you will get a good response.[ i am doing for good cause]

For example:

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

IBM Recruiting freshers for Associate System Engineer

Name: IBM


Qualification: BE/B.Tech Graduate


Experience: Fresher

Job Description:

This role is for a graduate of a university who is hired for a professional position requiring a university level education (or equivalent experience). The employee focuses on individual/team objectives and development of professional effectiveness


>Excellent Written and oral Communication Skills
>Must be Fluent in English
>Must be a Quick Learner



synopsys Recruiting freshers for INTERN

Name: Synopsys


Qualification: B.Tech/M.Tech/MS degree in Electronics/VLSI

Location: Hyderabad

Experience: Fresher

Job Description:

As a Corporate Applications Engineer, (Intern) you will be working on development and qualification of IC Validator DRC/ERC/LVS/Fill runsets ( rule deck files) for various cutting edge technologies. You may also be involved in various automation activity to qualify the IC Validator runset.


>Good Communication Skills
>Strong understanding of ASIC design flow, VLSI, and/or CAD
>Knowledge of competitive EDA tool products like Calibre/Assura/Quartz
>Proficient with Perl/Tcl, Unix, HDL



Applied Materials Hiring Freshers

Name: Applied Materials


Qualification: BS in Mechanical Engineering or related

Location: Banglore

Experience: Fresher

Job Description: 

  • Perform and document engineering test reports.       
  • In support of design projects, coordinate the procurement and assembly of mechanical components/equipment and identify sources of critical parts and subsystems to resolve technical issues.
  • Generate related alpha/gamma documentation for product release.      
  • Design or modify mechanical engineering layouts/schematics, and/or detailed drawings/specifications of limited scope under direct supervision.              
  • Perform basic engineering analysis under direct supervision.  
  • Troubleshoots a variety of mechanical problems.    


>Good Communication Skills
>Knowledge on the MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Project is necessary
>Knowledge on the languages such as Oracle BOM, and/or Oracle ECO
>Good Problem Solving Skills 

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GE Capital Recruiting the freshers @hyderabad

GE Capital Recruiting the freshers for "INTERN"
Location: Hyderabad
-Btech With Computer Sciences or ECE with SAS exposure
-Masters or Equivalent in quantitative fields like Mathematics, Economics and Statistics
Key Skills:
-Good Logical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills 
-Programming Experience in SAS or any Analytical Software 
-Strong Communication Skills
-Knowledge on US Retail / Consumer Lending
How To Apply:
For more details and apply ClickHERE

Polaris Recruiting the freshers for "Software Developer"

Polaris Recruiting the freshers for "Software Developer"
Location: Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai
-B.Tech/B.E. - Computers, Electrical, Electronics/Telecommunication 
-Marks Cut- Off - 10th - 80%, 12th- 80%, Engineering Overall Aggregate: 80%
-should be 2012/2013 BTech passout
How to Apply:
For More Details and Apply ClickHere

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Group Discussion

Group Discussion


     >To train students to discuss freely in a group without inhibition.

     > To train students to learn and speak assertively while being polite.

     > To train students to arrive at a solution collectively as a team

     >To train students to participate and contribute in a right way.

     >To train students to think about a subject from various angles.

     >To train students to interact one another.

     >To provide opportunities for student to express their views without taking any stance as in a debate.

     >To serve the purpose of improving the communication skills, confidence intellect, creativity, approach to solving problem, qualities of leadership, tolerance and group behavior.


       This chapter aims at boosting the confidence in an individual while driving out his/her inhibition. This also aims at bringing out the hidden skills of individuals as far as learning and speaking are concerned.

Course Study: 

       During the class room session the students will be engaging themselves in a discussion process, group wise on a given topic. This session helps them a lot in improving their verbal talents and etiquette. This is also adds to their thinking and creative awareness on the subject manner.

       The students can exchange their views with the members of their group and elaborate the discussion. This topic enables the students on the lines of improving their learning, thinking and speaking manners by presenting the contents in a polite manner by presenting the contents in a polite manner. 

        The students can on one hand acquire the skills related to thinking and speaking and on the other, they can also know and enrich their skills of representation of the topic given for group discussion.

Group Discussion:

Now-a-days, Group Discussion, GD is a popular selection tool in business schools and for entry level positions in corporate  When number of applicants is more, GD as a selection elimination tool is very convenient.

Some Colleges have also used group discussion for some of the entry level management selections.

What Is Group Discussion?

       The term group discussion is used to refer to a situation in which a small number of persons to come face to face and to involve themselves in a discussion to free verbal interaction among themselves, exchange information or attempt to reach at a decision on shared problems. 

        We may find a group of 5-15 participants seated to take part in the group discussion. Generally a topic is given and the group is asked to discuss that topic. Each candidate is assessed on the basis of his/her performance during the group discussion.

Time Limit:

There is no fixed time limit. Generally group discussions are conducted for a period of 10 to 45 minutes.

Purpose of Group Discussion in Education:

The ability of the participants in term of communication skills, analytical skills, assertiveness, confidence, intellect, creativity approach to solving problems, qualities of leadership tolerance and group behavior is brought out.

Responsibility of the Members as a Group:

1)    If any member is keeping quiet, it is the duty of the others to draw his/her opinion.

2)    If a member is aggressive or dominating or speaking continuously, it is the duty of the others to curb him politely.

3)    One of the members should summarize the points made till that time & then present his view point.

             There are broadly two types of group discussions, one where the discussion is topic based or secondly, a case study may be given to group. Here are some do’s and don’ts of group discussions.

Some DO’s Opening:

        Speaking first is a high risk high return strategy. It can make the GD performance dependency on how on handles it. In most GDs the opening speaker is the person who gets maximum uninterrupted airtime. 

        The reason is simple at the start most other participants in the GD are still trying to understand the basic issues in the topic or are too nervous to speak and are waiting for someone else to start. Therefore the evaluators get the best chance to observe the opening speaker. Now this is a double edged sword.

         If the opening speaker talks sense naturally he will get credit because he opened and took the group in the right direction. If on the other hand the first speaker doesn’t make too much sense while talking, he will attract the undivided attention of the evaluation to his shortcomings.

       He will be marked as a person who speaks without thinking merely for the sake of speaking. So, remember speak first only if you have something sensible to say otherwise, keep quiet and let someone else start.
             Body Language is at play in its best form in a group discussion and evaluators can easily make out as to who is nervous etc. This is something you cannot correct in a short time but if you leave practiced properly then the chances of displaying positive body language is more.

                      Proper eye contact and a quick movement of eyes is required if size of the group is large. GD as a tool has a got its own limitation as some people may have to shout to make themselves heard, especially if you have a soft voice. That’s okay and desirable, as you have your point.

                The group is given a chance to decide upon topic you should think of general topic on which people can speak. When the time is short then you should give points, which are beyond the obvious, and thus perfect your knowledge base. Common tendency is for candidates to start with the most obvious points/quotes/definitions, which should be avoided.

It is best to be neutral on the controversial topic such as reservation or gender bias.

Mannerism plays an important role especially at a point when you have to display self-restraint.

The quality of what you say is more important than quantity. Try to think of the various arguments of yours and others as parts of a jigsaw puzzle or as building blocks of a large argument of or against the topic.

    “Fill the brain with high Thoughts, Highest Ideals, place them day and night before you, And out of that will come GREAT WORK” by Swami Vivekanada

Accept the joint responsibilities and take decision as a group. You must demonstrate the fact that you are capable of and inclined to work as part of a team.

When you asked to summarize,  about points from all the participants. It should prove that you are a good listener. While summarizing, you should not only repeat your opinion but give a proper summary of what has actually happened.


>Don’t adopt a negative stance

> Don’t give a casual look

> Don’t flay hands

>Don’t talk too fast

>Don’t interrupt someone while he/she is speaking.

>Don’t use slang and improper language

>Don’t speak loudly

>Don’t talk too fast round

>Don’t be emotional


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3 Things should be built for yourself

3 Things should be built for yourself – 2013

As the year 2013 well known to all because fall in IT recruitment and as well as economy rate as slow down.

No big companies like TCS, WIPRO, CTS, INFOSYS etc….. not approached to recruit the fresher’s. Some big companies are fired out few employees because of global-economical fall. Even some 2012 pass out are searching for jobs.

Well, no problem you have time and energy to build yourself and keep attacking and finally what I mean to say that just “don’t give up”.

But you guys just keep on attacking and try to update and learn new things.

Don’t join the courses which are familiar:

After completion of B-Tech everyone rush to institute and joins some course. Even some people don’t know what is the use of that course and simply joins. If you ask the question to people why you have joined these courses there answers may be like this

Person1: My senior told me to join.

Person2: I feel it is easy because while I am doing my major project (because drag & drop in .NET they don’t know coding behind that)

Person3: I got more marks in JAVA. So I have joined.

Person4: This kind of person will follow the major opinion/poll & update what others are doing.

My suggestion is that don’t blindly follow what other saying you need to think differently.

My opinion is that to learn basic programs & interview questions

I have listed some course which is different

            1)    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

            2)    TIBCO 

            3)    ANDROID

            4)    SAP

Be prepared for 2 things:

Yeah, if you are sound in technical but you not good at aptitude then you’re gone.

Initially, in every company the elimination process starts from aptitude. So, you need to prepare well in all the ways. Prepare different things like Quantitative, Analytical, Reasoning, Sequence & Series etc. 

You need to prepare at-least 1 hour per day so that you can easily get through the 1st process. You need to prepare in such a way that your able to do at-least 60% of question paper.

Second thing is that you need to prepare English. This plays a vital role. Even though if you are not good at technical, no problem you can manage through your communication skills. You need to develop Interpersonal skills and you need to be confident.

Minimum you need to prepare some basic questions that are

          a)    Tell me something about yourself?

          b)    How much salary you’re expecting?

          c)    Are you willing to Re-locate?

          d)    Are you ready to work in any platform?

          e)    Are you willing to work in any shifts?

          f)     How long would you expect to work for us if hired?

          g)    Strengths and weakness (that should be genuine)

          h)    If your 2012/2011 passed out, you need to face what you have                done for past one/two year[s].             

          i)     Why should I hire you? 
                         [Download Answers For Above Questions  Here]

Establish your own connections:

In IT field if you like to survive for longer time, you need to establish connection with different people.

Initially, you need to find the friends in your circle those who are doing jobs and keep in touch with them. You need to en-quire about current openings in their respective organizations and keep forwarding your updated resume to them. Not only that you need to establish connections with different people like friends of friends, brother’s friends etc…..

                         “Keep GOOGLE Alerts for Openings”

What about fresher’s?

 Don’t worry; connect with your friends those who are working from K.G to P.G. you need to explore maximum friends/connections so that it may helpful for tomorrow.

Create one group and add all your friends, relatives, seniors to that group (those who are helpful to you) and then forward your resume to them. We all may think that after sending a resume our job has completed. No, not at all after sending your CV/Resume only the actual job starts i.e frequently keep in touch with them and send your updated resume(at least for one month).

Don’t feel shy that what I am doing? Am I begging for a job? Don’t worry, think about your career. Before career, asking for reference/job is very negligible. Once you have get in to the company you have your own path and career.

Many people have very good knowledge and don’t have jobs because lack of reference or proper connections. Once, you are in job don’t forget to help others.

Another way to establish connections with unknown people is through “LinkedIn” create a profile and update all your skills then mingle with different groups.

“Friends, finally I want to say one thing don’t lose your hopes and confidence.

                                         “Don’t give up”  

I think you all have attended two digit companies only (0-99) for that reason only if you lose your hopes then who are going to attend all “Fortune 500 companies” including MNC’s.

                               “BRUSH UP YOUR SKILLS”

Avoid these things:

If you fail in one interview, don’t feel that I don’t know anything / this is my last interview / this is the last thing in my life / I don’t like to attend for other interviews / I  think I won’t get any job keep all your odds aside.  I think you are the luckiest person because you have learned something new from it & you may have better future/big company offers are awaiting ahead.

I would like to share few materials which are helpful to fresher’s…….!!!!

           1)    Resume [Download from Here]

           2)    Cover Letter [Download from Here]

           3)    Interview Questions [Download from Here]

           4)    Some Companies List [Download from Here]

           5)    Some HR Email ID/ Contact List [Download from Here]

Friends, please watch these Videos you come to know the Facts

           i)   My Last Interview [Click Here To Watch]

       ii)  Over Confidence [Click Here to Watch]

                There is a better future ahead, keep on trying